High-pressure homogeneization

High-pressure homogeneization (HPH) is a process in which a liquid system (suspension, emulsion, dispersion) is accelerated and passed at high speed through an interaction chamber, where it undergoes shear or cavitation stresses that lead to a dimensional reduction of the particles and to an increased uniformity in their size.

The optimal combination of process parameters and the formulation’s quali-quantitative composition, together with a deep knowledge and expertise and sophisticated equipment, have all been key factors in the application of this technology.

APTSol is specialized in the use of the HPH technique for the production of colloidal systems such as nano-suspensions, liposomes or nano-emulsions.
APTSol is a reliable partner for companies wishing to explore such technology. The company is able to provide services such as feasibility studies, development of process and formulation parameters, and can follow and advise the client in the subsequent phase of technological transfer of the process.
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